All drums are hand made by master craftsmen and guaranteed to meet your expectations. Drums are all tuned and offer a deep base, phlap tone and high slap.

7 Steps to Ordering

  • Choose your drum.
  • Email your request on our “Contact us” page.
  • You will be contacted about your drum to ensure it suits your size and requirements.
  • A photo of the actual drum you will receive will be sent for your approval.
  • Your drum will be ready for pick up or delivery within 1 week in most cases.
  • Pick up is Sydney Metro or delivery direct to you can be arranged for a small fee
  • All prices include GST, but do not include delivery – Delivery calculated per individual order.
Extensive range to suit all abilities, from the master drummer to the beginner

Our Products

Beginner Drums

A range of drums to suit beginner’s and children
  • 40cm, $99
    Ideal for very small children.
  • 50cm, $155
    Ideal for children – compact size.
  • 60cm, $230
    Ideal for the beginner adult, the skin is soft and smoothing
Ghana Drum

Ghana (budget African with top sound – not too heavy).
  • Diameter 11″
  • Diameter 12″
  • Diameter 13″
Special Series

Special Series (Affordable super quality).
  • Diameter 12″
  • Diameter 14″
Primo Series (affordable premium African)
  • Diameter 11″
  • Diameter 12″
Master Series Drum

Master Series drum (Best of the Best, made suit your height and preferred colour and sound).
  • Diameter 12″ – 13″
    from $650 (individually priced per
    drum, all unique)
  • Diameter 14″
    from $695 (as above)

Drum Accessories

Beginner Drums

Drum Hats
  • To suit all 12″ drums
  • To suit 13″ – 14″ drums
Bags – (Ghana)

Cloth Drum Bags
  • Medium, suit up to 12″ drum
  • Large, Suit 12″ and 13″ drums
  • X Large, Suit 14″
    Master series and special series
    drums – $75
Indonesian Duns

Dun Dun Sets
  • Indonesian Duns
African Duns

African Duns, Sangban, Kinkenny –
  • African Duns