Health Benefits of drumming

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Health benefits of drumming.

Drumming and making music with others is gaining popularity and participation in drum circles is often driven by a human need to reconnect with the beat and vibrations of life. In today’s fast food electronic society many of us have lost touch with our innate sense of rhythm which is so essential to our health and wellbeing. Drumming is one of those rare physical activities that can have both profound and subtle effects on the entire person. Dr. Barry Bittman has researched and demonstrated the benefits of recreational music-making on the drum, including:

Improved aerobic and cardiovascular system;
Strengthened immune system;
Improved mood and reduced burnout of workers under stress;
Reversed ravages of stress at the cellular level;
Reduced anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness.
Call on Michele Marie and KarenWray ‘Your drumming doctors’ to get the rhythm back into your life and more importantly into your body.

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